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A Healthier Family Home & Indoor Plants

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

A Healthier Family Home & Indoor Plants


It has been reported that people spend at least 90% of their time indoors, in the north it could even be higher in our cold winter season.

That is a lot of time to be inside whether it is inside your home or inside a work or school environment. The air in these environments can be laden with toxins from the furnishings, the carpets, cleaning products, furnace ducts, pollens, bacteria and molds. Scientists say that indoor air can be worse for you than outdoor air.

What can you do to make your surroundings for you and your family healthier?

Here at Dunvegan we have always known what to do, and it seems NASA has done extensive studies on improving our indoor environments and their answer is cheap and easy.  Houseplants.

Adding potted plants to a room can introduce more oxygen because plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and plants also filter out those harmful toxins.

Do not worry if the plant does not come in a “cute” container, you can easily put the container inside another “trendy” one or simply transplant the plant into a new container. Houseplants can add texture, color and warmth to any indoor space.

There are so many varieties of indoor plants and we at Dunvegan have a huge selection. Each plant will have a tag that tells you how it likes to be treated. For example: some need a bright light so place “near” a window not beside so it will not get cold from the glass. Some need to be watered frequently and others not so much.

Here is a list of some of our favorite houseplants that are easy to grow and take care of.

  • NASA rated the Garden Mum as the air purifying champion.
  • Spider Plant – is a really easy plant to grow so it is excellent for those beginner gardeners and those of us who forget they have plants.
  • Snake Plant – is an easy care tropical plant that is hard to kill. Water occasionally and it likes some sun.
  • Rubber Plant – thick, glossy oversized leaves adorn this tropical plant.
  • Ferns – love low light and humid environments.
  • Bamboo Palm – is a great pet-friendly plant that loves the sun and is a huge formaldehyde filterer.
  • Aloe Vera – is a really easy plant to take care of and it will take care of you. The thick juice packed leaves can be broken off and rubbed on skin ailments, rashes and burns.

Have Pets? Come in and look over our Pet-Friendly Houseplant list. If you need more help getting your indoor space healthier – ask us, we will be happy to help.



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