Heirloom Seeds

There are some gardening terms used today that need a bit of clarification. One of those terms is Heirloom seeds, they can also be known as Heritage seeds. Heirloom seed refers to open-pollinated; pollinated naturally by the wind or insects, which produce plants like the


      Once a hobby only for the rich, Orchids have become one of the most beloved plants for indoor and outdoor use around the world and the rule is: once you get one Orchid, you will become hooked and need more! With over

Why Grow a Garden?

  In our fast-paced world sometimes it is hard to think about adding one more thing to our to-do list, but there are many reasons why you should plant a garden. Save money on groceries. There is nothing tastier than fruits and vegetables from the

Haskap, Blue Berried Honeysuckle, Honeyberries

An old berry is making a come back!  Haskap is the “marketing” name going across North America for the blue berried Honeysuckle or Honeyberry – Lonicera caerulea. Found growing wild in every province in Canada they can also be found across North America, Japan and

It’s Seed Time

                    It is time to think about Seeds!  Here at Dunvegan we choose our seed companies very carefully, our selection includes: McKenzie Seeds & Livingston Seeds – Manitoba Since 1896 A.E. McKenzie Co. has been a leader and innovator in the Canadian Gardening industry.

Gardening in the Zone

When living in the Northern part of Alberta, before you can make decisions about what to grow in your garden you should take some time to plan. The very first thing you should know is what growing zone you are in. The government of Canada’s


Nothing speaks Christmas like a Poinsettia.  Here at Dunvegan we have double and single blooms with their dark red flower bracts to the white and pink varieties.   All are beautiful! In the north, make sure your Poinsettia is wrapped before you take it out of


    How do you get colour and life from the garden in the cool of winter?  Here at Dunvegan, we have a wide selection of Succulents. Succulents have become a trend and have gained popularity as plants used to decorate in fairy gardens, terrariums,