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Fall Bulbs for Spring Color

Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

Fall Bulbs for Spring Color

Do you love those fresh and colorful spring flowers? Tulips, Crocuses, Snowdrops, Alliums, Scillas, Daffodils or Narcissus

Daffodils need extra mulching and protection for our harsh winter climates but are very doable bulbs to grow in the Peace Country.

Early to late September is the perfect time to get those spring (early May color) bulbs into the ground before the ground gets frozen.  Bulbs need time to take in nutrients and sprout good root growth and get themselves established before freeze-up. If you want to plant bulbs into October, remember to place them a couple of inches deeper than indicated to protect them.

One of the hardest jobs is to decide which bulbs to plant, tulips and daffodils have an abundant selection to choose from.

Harsh winters do take a toll on some bulbs (as do squirrels or rabbits) so we recommend – plant more not less.  To make a Spring WOW statement, plant bulbs in groups, placing them with other bulbs or in between your perennials, herbs, strawberries, hostas, bulbs bloom first so they will not hinder the growth of other later blooming plants. Bulbs usually come back each year so you only have to plant them once (if it is a harsh winter or they get thawed and frozen a couple times because of the weather they might not come back).  If you do not like the location or grouping, you can always move bulbs around.

To plant bulbs – pick a sunny spot in your garden, dig down 6-8” and place your bulb in with the sharp end up, throw in a bit of Myke or a bit of bone meal and cover them up. Water well – bulbs covered in ice for the winter will preserve the best.

Then wait for Spring – planting bulbs is easy!  Need more info, please come in and talk to us here at Dunvegan, we love to talk gardens!


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