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Fall Clean Up

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Fall Clean Up

The first icy blast of winter has descended upon us this month and it came quickly so hopefully you got your ground vegetables out but if not, do not fret you still have some time and in fact some vegetables need a snap of cold to mature and sweeten. Freezing temperatures cause some of the starch in the vegetables to turn into sugar thus producing a sweeter tasting vegetable.

The following vegetables will do well in the ground even after the tops die off from the cold. Potatoes, carrots, beets, turnip, rutabagas and parsnips will be fine in the ground for 2-3 weeks after the tops die off as long as the ground is not too wet or frozen. Do not leave them too long or you can find mushy, squishy vegetables instead of nice crisp and sweet ones.

Onions should have been taken out of the ground by now as they do not do well in the cold.

For the rest of the garden and flower bed areas, adding in some of our rich bagged compost or manure and mixing to about 6” is a great idea so you can just plant in the spring and not have to worry about adding nutrients.

Get rid of the container plants and flowers before the snow comes. Pull out the plants and ensure you get all the roots, some dirt can stay in your container as long as it will remain dry, if not empty all your containers and put the pots away for the winter and add your plants to your compost.

You may want to start storing away all your shovels and rakes, do some maintenance on your lawn mower and store them away for the winter.

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