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Whether you are an expert gardener or someone who feels lost when it comes to growing things, spend a few minutes exploring and talking with us at Dunvegan Gardens and you will soon see that we make gardening easy. With expert advice, high-end stock and a wide selection of tools, garden décor, plants, trees and shrubs, you are sure to find everything you need to get your yard looking exactly the way you want it. Our greenhouses still have plenty of stock and our trees and shrubs selection is second to none, it’s a perfect time to plant a new tree or two… or three!



Gardening Tools

We gardeners all have our favourites. I would be lost without my trusty bypass pruners and sturdy digging fork, but how many shovels does one need? What’s the difference between a shovel and a spade? Which pruners are best, and do you really need a special tool just for edging a garden bed?

Having the right tool, and using them correctly can save time. It is not necessary to buy every tool on the market, but choose the best you can afford. The right tool for the job is important. Bring your questions and the Dunvegan Garden professionals will help you build a basic garden tool kit, or enhance an existing one.

Garden Decor

When you journey through our unique garden centre, you will find no shortage of ideas on how to accent each corner of your garden, patio, deck or outdoor spaces. Whether you prefer rustic, country, traditional, whimsical, or modern designs, we have something for everyone. With the assistance of our in-store professionals, create a sanctuary that reflects your individual personality and style. Choose from our amazing selection of furniture, statues, fountains, sun catchers, lanterns, bird houses, bird feeders, pots, plaques, wind chimes, candles, candle holders, gazing balls and much, much more. With our large selection of lawn and garden decor providing just the right touch…outdoors never looked so good!.

Vegetable Gardening

Gardening doesn’t have to just look nice, it can also provide nourishment for you and your family. And what better way to appreciate your hard work than by eating it!

If you are already an avid green thumb, or are planting your vegetable garden for the first time, Dunvegan Gardens has all you need to get your garden ready to grow. Every year we grow a vast selection of starter vegetables, herbs, and edible plants to fill every inch of your garden. We also carry many “trick of the trade” items to optimize your growing season.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is a simple yet beautiful way to enhance your yard and garden. Whether you have window boxes, hanging baskets, ornate pots or patio containers, come and visit Dunvegan Gardens for advice on the best plants to use in your containers for optimal results. Should you not want to plant your own, come browse our wide selection of pots and containers that have already been planted by one of our gardening experts. As an alternative, let Dunvegan Gardens get you growing with a colourful hanging basket; a quick and easy way to decorate your patio, balcony, or entrance.