What is the best time of year to aerate?

Generally spring is the best time of year to aerate. You can aerate in the fall as well.

When can I start fertilizing my lawn?

It is best to fertilize in mid-spring, after the lawn has been aerated and de thatched.

Which fertilizer do you recommend for my lawn in the spring?

We recommend Scotts Turf Starter 20-27-5. The high middle number helps any damaged roots to re-establish. When the lawn has greened up (usually around the end of May) you may apply Scotts Turf Builder Pro 31-3-8. The high first number (nitrogen) helps keep the lawn green.

What is the best way to repair the bright yellow spots on my lawn that is caused by the dog?

As soon as you see that the grass has been urinated on (discolouration can occur within 24-48 hrs. in warm weather), you should sprinkle garden lime on to the area and saturate with water. The acid from your pet’s urine is what burns the grass, so neutralizing it with lime then flushing with water will help.
If the damage is already apparent, rake up the dead grass as much as possible. Sprinkle with garden lime and water area well. Grass seed will not germinate in acidic soil, so lime is crucial. Cover the patch with a light layer of soil, apply grass seed, and then cover seed with a light layer of soil. Repaired patches must be lightly watered daily (twice in hot, dry weather) for germination within two to three weeks. A slow release starter fertilizer can be lightly applied for better root development.
CIL Fast Fix Lawn Repair is an all in one repair formula that includes soil conditioner, seed, mulch and fertilizer. This easy to use product can be used all season long. We recommend raking up the dead grass and applying a light layer of soil before using this mixture.
If you’re in a rush, the dead patch can be cut out, then garden lime is used to neutralize the soil. We sell pieces of sod that you can cut to fit the patches. Water daily and within one week your lawn will look much better.
Some dogs cause more damage than others because of the levels of acid in their urine. Pet stores do sell products that are ingested by the animal to neutralize their urine.

What do the numbers on a fertilizer bag really mean?

The three numbers on fertilizer represent the percentage of that nutrient in the mix. Nitrogen is the first number and it makes up 10% of the mix shown. Nitrogen produces leafy green growth that is important for a green lawn. Phosphorus is the second number, and makes up 20% of the mix shown. Phosphorus encourages root growth – important for a healthy lawn. Potassium is the third number and is necessary for disease resistance, general hardiness and flowering and is 5% of mixture shown. The nutrients always appear in this order, but the percentage of each can change. Dunvegan Gardens stocks a variety of fertilizers to suit your needs.

What is the best way to lay sod?

Laying sold is an alternative to seeding a lawn. Always lay your sod in a brick wall pattern. Sod is an ideal solution to establish turf on a steep grade or slope.