How do I control Birch Leaf Miner?


Birch Leaf Miner is a problem that should not be taken lightly; this problem insect damages many Birch trees in the Peace Region. The first symptoms shown are the brown blisters that appear on the new leaves; eventually the blisters will run together forming a blotch. A small (up to 1/4″) larva may be found in the blotch. Birch Leaf Miner will be evident on the top portion of the tree, with it taking on a brownish or drying appearance.

I am noticing an abundance of what appear to be small brown cones on my spruce tree. There also appears to be a ton of yellow pollen all over the place as well. Why is my spruce tree doing this?


Your spruce tree is producing target amounts of pollen in response to the stressful conditions it endured last year and the year before when there was a drought. The trees are simply trying to produce more seed to ensure they survive and should return to normal next year with the more normal moisture levels.

Some of my evergreens have turned reddish brown over the winter. What can I do?


This would most likely be caused by winter kill. Fluctuating temperatures combined with lack of snow and high winds can cause the needles to turn colour. You can prevent this by spraying your evergreens (especially if they are newly transplanted) with Wilt Pruf or they can be wrapped in burlap (keep the burlap at least 6″ away from the outer branches).