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Large Garden Pests

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Large Garden Pests

Deer: What do we do to deter these 4 legged creatures from nibbling or even chomping down our garden.

Place the following plants, that deer detest, strategically around your yard and garden. Deer do not eat grasses, the sharp edges wreak havoc with their gut. Deer do not like walking through lavender, marigolds, lilac, mint or oregano or any aromatic plants, the smell gets on their legs and interrupts their sense of smell. Deer will not eat fuzzy plants or plants with thick prickly foliage such as: yarrow, cucumbers, squash. They also do not like leeks, onions, fennel or rhubarb.

Shaving a bar of soap into pieces and scattering it around your plants can deter deer from eating seedlings and smaller plants and some bugs. The catch is it only lasts until the next rain.

How about an invisible fence? One avid gardener swears by using clear fishing line and 5’ stakes, she runs about 4-6 rows of fishing line around the garden. The deer cannot see the line and they won’t jump over but it deters them from going in further.

Moose:  A little larger problem and they love to feast on our foliage. The fishing line will not work on the moose problem. Gardeners find that changing up their methods of deterring moose is the best way to handle these big fellows.  Spraying foliage with a mixture of dish soap, water and cayenne pepper or ground up hot chillies.   Dot the perimeter of the garden with chopped up Irish Spring soap. Fencing is a great way to keep them out, however it has to be 8’ high.  Sometimes startling the moose works, hang dryer sheets, foil dishes or old CD cases from the trees, when they sway with the wind, it startles the moose.  One Alaskan gardener says they boil up some water, put in a bar of soap and let it dissolve. They take this water and pout it our along the garden perimeter.

What about Ladybugs – are they friend or foe?

You want Ladybugs in your garden, the larvae of ladybugs feast on aphids. Aphids are those green small bugs that attach themselves to your plant stems and suck the juice out of the plants. They should be arriving about now in your garden.

Ladybugs love dill, fennel, caraway as well as flowers such as tansy, marigolds, and cosmos these will also attract Lacewings, another aphid eating insect.

Do you have some pesky pests in your garden? Come in and talk to us here at Dunvegan about methods to deter, prevent and eradicate.

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