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Live Christmas Trees!

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Live Christmas Trees!


Oh the Smell of Christmas!  Nothing says it more than a real Christmas Tree.

Here at Dunvegan Gardens, we have some of the loveliest Christmas Trees in the area and one of the best reasons to check out our trees is that our trees are some of the freshest. A freshly cut tree will last much longer than one that has been cut weeks ago and sold at most retailers around town.

Spruce, Pine and Fir are the usual choices for a Christmas Tree and our selection is amazing! Spruce trees tend to drop their needles first and fir trees last.

You do not want brown or dead needles on your tree, stroke a branch or shake the tree and ensure the needles are not falling off already.  Bend a needle and if it does not break and forms a “U” the tree should not be too dry.

Be prepared: trees standing outside do not necessarily look “big” until you bring them into the house. Make sure you have ample space prepared to place your real tree.

A tree that has been cut for more than 8 hours should have a ½-1” cut off the bottom again before you place it into the stand with water.  The reason being that trees that are cut and left open to the air block off the tree cells on the trunk bottom so the water uptake could be inhibited.

Place your tree into a stand with a large water reservoir with some “Keep It Green” (available in store), real trees like to drink water, possibly up to 4 liters of water per day and keep them away from heat sources.

Be sure to recycle or compost your tree after Christmas and for the fastest and easiest cleanup be sure to grab one of our Tree Bags.

Come and make some new memories with us at Dunvegan Gardens this Christmas!

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