Bromeliads, Guzmania

Different genera of bromeliads are tolerant of different levels of light. Some can withstand full tropical sun, while others will quickly scorch. In general, the varieties with soft, flexible, spineless leaves usually prefer lower light levels, while those with stiff, hard leaves prefer bright indirect light. Increasing light exposure can help the plant bloom, provided the other conditions are appropriate. Bromeliads are very tolerant of drought conditions. In a typical house, it’s usually not necessary to keep the central cup of the plant constantly filled with water. But this is an option if the light levels and temperature are high. If you do centrally water your bromeliad, make sure to flush the central cup every so often to remove any built-up salts. But in general, it’s enough to water these plants very sparingly through the soil weekly during the growing season and reduce watering during the winter rest period. Never let the plant rest in standing water. Bromeliads are not considered toxic to humans or animals, however some individuals, especially those with latex sensitivities, may experience skin reaction when contacting the sap of these plants

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