Coffee Plant

The coffee plant is an attractive little specimen with glossy green leaves and a compact growth habit. It makes a surprisingly good potted indoor plant. Native to Ethiopia, the coffee plant (Coffea arabica) will flower in the spring with small white flowers and then bear half-inch berries that gradually darken from green to blackish pods. Each of these fruits contains two seeds, which eventually become the coffee beans you use to brew coffee. Indoors, coffee plants do best placed near a window but not in direct sunlight. Make sure to keep the plant away from drafts air conditioning units or heat registers. These plants are water lovers and require both regular and ample watering. The soil should stay evenly moist but not waterlogged. Never allow the soil to dry out completely. In addition, because these plants naturally grow on the sides of tropical mountains, they thrive in highly humid conditions. If the air is too dry, the leaf edges will start to brown. Mist the plant daily to raise the humidity level. All parts of the coffee plant are considered toxic to cats, dogs, horses, birds, and other animals. Likewise, all plant parts except for the mature fruit (the coffee bean) are toxic to humans. Official listings of toxic plants categorize it as a minor toxic—a category normally reserved for plants causing non-fatal intestinal discomfort.

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