Custom Planters

Our Custom Planters Are Available For Order.

Perfect For Your Business, Home, Office or School.

You can save time and avoid problems

Our designers will select the best plants and fill your pots using premier, professional-grade potting soil and arrange the plants in a beautiful way.

Avoid mess and hassle

You can bring your own planters, or buy one from our selections.


Planters that are damaged or not suitable for the purpose cannot be replanted. It is not possible to replant plastic hanging baskets, containers with no drainage, or any other pots that we consider unsuitable.

There is no specific plant selection. Please select sun or shade in the submission form.

Before replanting, pots should be free of soil and plants.

On dropping off your empty planters in our greenhouses, a replanting fee of 50% is due.

The planters must be collected within one week after completion. If the planter is not picked up within one week, a $10 maintenance and storage fee will be charged.

Delivery and pickup are extra charges

Custom Planters Inquiry

After receiving this form we will contact you to gather more details so we can give you a cost estimate. Call: 780.532.8280 if you have questions.